Digital Life Institute examines the impact of digital technologies on humans.

It is an international research network of multidisciplinary scholars studying the social implications of disruptive digital technologies.

Research Clusters


Digital Life Institute research partners focus on the development of digital technologies across a range of issues.

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Artificial Intelligence, automation, and shifting global contexts redefine human agency, creativity, personal lives and communities.

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Emphasis on ethically-aligned design, education, digital literacy, critical analysis, cultural and creative production, legal and ethical modes of protection can change the trajectory.

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Global issues of privacy, security, identity, human dignity, digital divide, and discrimination have become intensified due to technological change.


Research work at Digital Life Institute is divided among groups of people collaborating within a pivotal theme:

Fabric of Digital Life (Fabric)

Fabric is a public research database and cultural analytics repository shared by researchers doing work with Digital Life Institute. International researchers and curators collect and catalogue video and textual artifacts surrounding the emergence of and invention of technologies, with a focus on embodiment.

Fabric holds thousands of artifacts divided into peer-reviewed thematic collections. These artifacts illustrate inventions, inventors, journalism, and academic research as well as other forms of responses.

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Research Partners