The Director of Digital Life Institute is Isabel Pedersen, Professor of Communication Studies, member of the Graduate School in Computer Science at Ontario Tech University, Decimal lab. Founder and Editor for Fabric of Digital Life.



Digital Life Institute is a community of researchers examining the human and social dimensions of digital technologies, advancing our understanding of their impact on humans. It is a hub for the critical analysis of digital technologies, an international network of interdisciplinary scholars interested in the social implications of disruptive technological advancement.

The Institute will use strong international partnerships and collaborations to accelerate and advance Digital Life research, explore future landscapes for Digital Life research and communicate key findings for academic communities and the public.



Digital Life Institute is managed by a Director and a Steering Committee.

The Director coordinates and manages the administration of the Institute and fosters opportunities for partnerships and donors. The Director is appointed for a five-year term. The current director is Isabel Pedersen.

The Steering Committee sets annual goals for the Institute for research funding, events, projects, and training, and monitors progress toward those goals. Steering Committee members serve for a three-year term.

All stakeholders of the Institute are invited to an annual meeting to discuss the activities of the Institute in the past year and plans for the coming year. Stakeholders include partners, collaborating researchers, graduate students, collaborating community members, and faculty previously or prospectively involved in Institute research projects.

Associate Members

Digital life Institute welcomes affiliates, students, and interested individuals to join its associated membership.

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