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Ontario Tech University: Creative AI?

Historically, creativity has been judged according to its impact and ways that people moved other people’s thinking, challenged longstanding beliefs, or transformed a field. Artificial Intelligence has raised sensationalized debates concerning not only the question over its ability to create, but whether it can harm society. Do we trust AI? Can AI systems really be […]

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Al, Education and Changing Cultural Values

Join the Artificial Intelligence Initiative on March 6th from 12:00-1:30 pm on Zoom for this semester's first speaker series event. Dr. Isabel Pedersen of the University of Ontario and the Director of the Digital Life Institute will discuss Al, education and changing cultural values.

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Ontario Tech University: Embracing the Diversity of the Intellectual and Social Landscapes when Conducting Research in Computing or Developing Intelligent Systems

Alvine Boaye Belle presents at UB 1055, North Campus, OntarioTech University. Talk description: Digital discrimination occurs when intelligent systems make automated decisions based on specific individual attributes (e.g., income, education, gender, and ethnicity) or when relying on biased data engineering practices. This may reinforce social inequities by supporting the automation of consequential and sometimes unfair […]

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