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Joint International Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia: Plagiarism, Prevention, and Pedagogy in a New Digital Era

Alyson E. King will present her research and chair two sessions at this conference in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada Day 2: May 22, 2024 So, now what do I do? Tips for dealing with academic misconduct. Alyson King, Ontario Tech University, Canada Day 3, May 23, 10h45-12h00 - Session Chair: Alyson King The curriculum dilemmas in fostering […]

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Bioethics and the Ethics of AI

What ethical frameworks for the quick evolution of artificial intelligence and biotechnology? Welcome to USP en conversation - SPU Talks! Join us for an engaging event where we bring together experts to discuss a wide range of topics. From ethics to art, from reconciliation to artificial intelligence, there is something for everyone. Prepare to listen, […]

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Ontario Tech University: Creative AI?

Join us for our spring speakers forum hosted by Digital Life Institute and Trustworthy AI Lab! Historically, creativity has been judged according to its impact and ways that people moved other people’s thinking, challenged longstanding beliefs, or transformed a field. Artificial Intelligence has raised sensationalized debates concerning not only the question over its ability to […]

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Al, Education and Changing Cultural Values

Join the Artificial Intelligence Initiative on March 6th from 12:00-1:30 pm on Zoom for this semester's first speaker series event. Dr. Isabel Pedersen of the University of Ontario and the Director of the Digital Life Institute will discuss Al, education and changing cultural values.

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Ontario Tech University: Embracing the Diversity of the Intellectual and Social Landscapes when Conducting Research in Computing or Developing Intelligent Systems

Alvine Boaye Belle presents at UB 1055, North Campus, OntarioTech University. Talk description: Digital discrimination occurs when intelligent systems make automated decisions based on specific individual attributes (e.g., income, education, gender, and ethnicity) or when relying on biased data engineering practices. This may reinforce social inequities by supporting the automation of consequential and sometimes unfair […]

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Mining Ourselves: Collaborative Autoethnography (CAE) as Methodology

Daniel Hocutt, Ann Hill Duin, Jessica Lynn Campbell, and Mollie Stambler present. Autoethnography is a research method that draws from a variety of autobiographical data–such as memories, documents, ongoing self-reflections and observations–to explore and investigate social phenomena (Chang, 2016). Collaborative autoethnography (CAE) has multiple researchers use a multilayered approach to collecting data, performing ongoing self-reflection, […]

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Infrastructures of Manipulation

Panel Discussion: Andrew Iliadis, Francesca Tripodi, Aashka Dave, Leslie Kay Jones, Amelia Acker, Heather Ford This panel presents research on web and information infrastructures used for manipulative purposes. In contrast to platform manipulation (Woolley & Howard, 2018; Benkler et al., 2018), where users such as bad actors seek to gamify and exploit the weaknesses of […]

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AI empathy and the rhetoric of emergent AI teachers

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT was a popular event making generative artificial intelligence a mainstream phenomenon. Data journalist, Katharina Buchholz explains that “ChatGPT gained one million users just five days after launching in November” of 2022 (Statista, 2023). Generative AI can produce stylistically correct sentences, paragraphs, and documents across a multitude of genres (Duin and […]

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Social Robots and Older People’s Conceptions of Agency and Autonomy in the Socio-technical Context of Current and Future Digital Consumer Technologies

Andrea Slane and Isabel Pedersen present Social Robots and Older People’s Conceptions of Agency and Autonomy in the Socio-technical Context of Current and Future Digital Consumer Technologies at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Socio-gerontechnology Network. Click here for the program.

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Music Industry Panel Discussion

The music industry has seen countless advancements, especially within the last few decades. From the way music is produced and performed to cutting-edge technology, new business practices and accessibility, innovation in music is changing how we create, consume and experience music. Join Spark Series at Convergence on September 23rd for an exciting, in-depth panel discussion […]

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