Daniel L. Hocutt

Dr. Daniel L. Hocutt serves as the Web Manager on the Marketing & Engagement team at the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies in Richmond, Virginia. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Liberal Arts in the same school, teaching composition, technical communication and research methods.

As a technical communicator, he applies his research interests in digital literacy, the rhetoric of algorithms, and the influence of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the web and social media platform activity required of his marketing role. He focuses especially on the ethics of algorithmic influence, from coding to development to implementation, and advocates for transparency in search and social media industries.


Ph.D. in Technical Communication, Old Dominion University, 2019

M.A. in English, University of Richmond, 1998

B.A. in English, University of Richmond, 1992


Web and Social Media Platform Manager, University of Richmond (2001-present)

Freelance Web Developer, Northern Virginia (2001-2010)

Director, Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts (1998-2001)

Secondary English Teacher, Chesapeake Public Schools (1992-1996)


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