Delon Omrow

Délon Alain Omrow is a Professor and Sessional Instructor and Postdoctoral Fellow at Centennial College and Ontario Tech University, respectively. His research and teaching focus on eco-violence, green criminology, racialized ecologies; debt-for-nature swaps; and the androcentric and anthropocentric symbiosis of trauma on Indigenous bodies and land.

He is published in many academic journals including The Journal of Philosophy and Culture, Nature Sustainability, Journal of Media and Communication Studies and European Journal of Research in Social Sciences. His recent book with Dr. Peter Stoett, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, explored the links between transnational environmental crime, biosecurity and human security, preparing students of criminology to unpack and interrogate the political economic explanations of crime. In a forthcoming book with Dr. Peter Stoett, he explores the intersections of ecoviolence and the (super)exploitation of human beings. Such intersections have led him to explore the role of artificial intelligence in the mitigation (or acceleration) of this form of exploitation – especially as a result of climate change.

Finally, Delon is three-time Canadian Latin Grammy nominee, a two-time Oshawa Music Award winner and has been featured on CBC Music’s SearchLight 2023 Top 100 List for his single “Peace & Love”, produced by Grammy-nominated producer StoneBridge.


Ph.D., York University, Environmental and Socio-Legal Studies
M.A., University of Toronto, Criminology
B.A., York University, Criminology

Career – Faculty Positions

Ontario Tech University: Postdoctoral Fellow (2021 – present)
Ontario Tech University: Lecturer (2018 – present)
Centennial College: Professor (2018 – present)


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