Jason Tham

Dr. Jason Tham is an assistant professor of technical communication and rhetoric in the Department of English at Texas Tech University. He is co-director of the User Experience (UX) Research Lab and co-advisor to the student organization Raider UX/UI. His book, Design Thinking in Technical Communication (2021, Routledge/Taylor & Francis), applies user-centered design methodologies to pedagogy and professional practice. He has published articles and given talks about design thinking, UX, emerging technologies, digital literacy, and writing pedagogy.


Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Scientific & Technical Communication, University of Minnesota

M.A. in English, St. Cloud State University

M.S. in Mass Communication, St. Cloud State University


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Tham, J. (2018). Interactivity in an age of immersive media: Seven dimensions for wearable technology, internet of things, and technical communication. Technical Communication, 65(1), 46-65. (Awarded the 2019 Society for Technical Communication Frank R. Smith Award for Outstanding Article)