Scott Aquanno

Scott M. Aquanno is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ontario Tech University and Visiting Associate at the Global Labour Research Centre at York University.  He is the author of Crisis of Risk: Subprime Debt and US Financial Power from 1944 to Present (Edward Elgar, 2021) and has published widely on a range of political economy and public policy issues in such leading journals such as Critical Sociology, New Political Science, Competition and Change, Contemporary Politics, and Journal of Economic Issues. His work broadly examines the fall and rise of American financial power since the 1920s and the interaction between the industrial and financial spheres of the economy, including a critical appraisal of the role financial markets play in supporting green investment. His second book, co-authored with Dr. Stephen Maher, is forthcoming with Verso Press and scheduled to be released late next year.


Ontario Tech University, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Assistant Professor 2018-present); Associate Teaching Professor (2016-2018)

Teaching City Oshawa, Academic Lead (2017-present)

York University, Global Labour Research Centre, Visiting Associate (2021 – present)

City Idea Lab, Co-founder, Director (2018-2019)

Innovation Policy Lab, University of Toronto, Senior Associate (2015-2016)

Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, Visiting Research Fellow (2015-2016)


Postdoctoral Fellow, Political Science, Comparative Political Economy, Canada Centre for Global Security Studies, University of Toronto (2013)

Ph.D., Political Science, York University (2011)

Selected Publications

Aquanno, S.M (2022) New Finance Capital: Corporate, Governance, Financial Power and the State, Critical Sociology, 48(1), Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M. (2021) The Crisis of Risk: US Financial Power from 1944 to Present, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Aquanno, S.M. (2021) The Federal Reserve and Technocratic Authoritarianism, Alternate Routes, 32(1): 33-59.

Aquanno, S.M (2021) Situating the Pandemic: Welfare Capitalism and Canada’s Liberal Regime, International Journal of Health Services, 51(4): 509-520, Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M (2021) Workplace Restructuring and Institutional Change: GM Oshawa from 1994 to 2019, Studies in Political Economy, 102(1): 25-50, Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M. (2020) Institutional Power and the Risk of Finance, New Political Science, 42(2): 139-154.

Aquanno, S.M. (2020) The Bank of Canada and Crisis Management: COVID-19 and BeyondCanadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, National Office, May.

Aquanno, S.M. (2020) Unequal Impact of COVID-19: Emergency Neoliberalism, and Welfare Policy in Canada, Critical Studies, 15(1): 22-39, Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M. (2020) The Role of Transportation in Sustaining and Reintegrating Formerly Homeless Clients, Journal of Poverty, Published online March 17, Co-authored.

Selected Policy Work

Aquanno, S.M (2022) Tax Policy and the New ‘E’conomy, Finance Department, Regional Municipality of Durham, Finance Department, Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M (2017) Oshawa Diversity and Inclusion Plan: Research Report, Report adopted by Oshawa City Council November 6, 2017, Co-authored.

Aquanno, S.M. (2017) Out of Homelessness: Vulnerability of Unattached Individuals in Durham Region, Regional Municipality of Durham, Co-authored.