Shan Xu

Shan Xu is a researcher and teacher focused on understanding how people interact with technology. She is an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University‘s College of Media and Communication. Her research primarily explores how individuals engage with artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and media multitasking. Her aim is to enhance human health, well-being, and productivity through a deeper understanding of these interactions.

Her research adopts a dynamic perspective to examine the reciprocal causality between media use and media effects, and how media effects unfold over time. To test these dynamic relationships, her research utilizes longitudinal studies, ecological momentary assessment, and emphasizes time series analysis, dynamic panel analysis, and machine learning algorithms. Her work has been supported by the National Science FoundationWaterhouse Foundation Institute, and research grants from Texas Tech University and Stony Brook University.


Ph.D., The Ohio State University

M.A., Washington State University

B.A., Beijing Foreign Studies University

Leadership & Awards

Director of the Human-Tech Dynamics Lab

Faculty Fellowship Award for Community Engaged Scholarship, Texas Tech University, 2023-2024

Texas Tech University Outstanding Research Award, 2023


Xu, S., Kee, K. F., Li, W., Yamamoto, M., & Riggs, R. E. (online first). Examining the Diffusion of Innovations from a dynamic, differential-effects perspective: A longitudinal study on AI adoption among employees. Communication Research

Xu, S., & Li, W. (2022). A tool or a social being? A dynamic longitudinal investigation of functional use and relational use of AI voice assistants. New Media & Society.

Xu, S., & Wang, Z. (2022) Multiple selves and multitasking: A dynamic longitudinal study. Communication Research. 49(6), 891-914.