Steven Downing

Dr. Steven Downing is an associate professor of criminology at Ontario Tech University.

He studies representations of crime and deviance in digital media as well as dynamics of deviant behavior and informal social control in digital subcultures. He has published in journals across disciplines, including Deviant Behavior and Games and Culture.


Ph.D. in Criminology, University of Texas at Dallas

M.S. in Applied Sociology, University of Texas at Dallas

B.A. in Crime and Justice Studies, University of Texas at Dallas


Leadership Positions

Ontario Tech University, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Assistant Dean (2019-present)

Graduate Program Director (2016-2018)


Downing, Steven. (2009). Attitudinal and Behavioral Pathways of Deviance in Online Gaming. Deviant Behavior, 30(3): 293-320.

Downing, Steven. (2011). Retro Gaming Subculture and the Social Construction of a Piracy Ethic. International Journal of Cyber Criminology, 5(1): 749-771.

Levan, Kristine, Cesaroni, Carla, & Steven Downing. (2020). (Mis)Representations of Prison: Gender- and Prison-Themed Video Games. Games and Culture, 15(6): 653-669.